Individual Therapy

You understand yourself better than anyone. Perhaps you have a feeling that something isn't right and experience a range of emotions that vary from being irritable to unhappy or insecure. You might find that life is often complicated and the demands it puts on you are overwhelming. You might find that you are not functioning in the way you had hoped and you are not experiencing the joy and happiness you wish to feel.

Psychotherapy enables you to:

  • Release emotional pain and heal the past.

  • Uncover beliefs that have held you back.

  • Transfer patterns of thinking or behaviour that create feelings of self-destruction.

  • Create healthy relationships and promote higher levels of well-being.

  • Utilize strategies that help deal with challenging situations.

  • Enhance clarity and create feelings of empowerment.

  • Increase confidence in your capabilities.

  • Support your inner strengths.

Success requires your commitment and willingness to engage with  the process. This can seem most challenging at the time you most need the process, but it is worth taking the risk to discover yourself and create a path to a brighter future.