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Therapy for
Sex Workers

Are you experiencing stigma and discrimination? Are you feeling shame and self-hatred? Are you living with shame and fear? Have you been attacked or humiliated?  Are you struggling with anxiety?



As a sex-positive, open-minded, and  understanding CBT therapist, I will offer you the support you deserve. Together we can explore your thoughts, emotions, challenges, and goals. I hold no judgement. I see adult performance as a valid form of employment.



Are you experiencing stigma and discrimination? Are you living with shame and fear. Have you been attacked or humiliated? Do you feel uncomfortable in your own skin? Are you struggling with anxiety?



My approach embraces a positive view of LGBTQ individuals. The stigma and discrimination LGBTQ individuals encounter can have a vital impact on their well-being. I empower my clients and help them cope with challenges effectively.


Sexual Abuse &
Trauma Therapy

Are you struggling with upsetting emotions and memories that won't go away? Are you feeling numb and disconnected? Do you feel helpless? Do you have angry outbursts that are affecting you or others?


As a professional I offer skills and strategies to assist you in better understanding, coping with, and processing emotions and memories tied to traumatic experiences. I will help you create a healthier and more adaptive meaning of the experience that took place.


Couples Therapy

Are you in a polyamorous or open relationship? Are you swinging, kinky or enjoy fetish play? Are you experiencing jealousy or anxiety? Are you experiencing feelings of insecurity, jealousy or anxiety?



i offer practical skills and safe space to work through challenging feelings and experiences. I can help you get clear on desires, needs, expectations and boundaries. Together, we work to resolver your problems and rebuild the connection that brought you together.


Nilufar Armaki

As a cognitive behavioral therapist and my own experience as a client, I strongly believe that therapy is the most valuable investment one can make. I pride myself on helping and supporting my clients to feel happier, be more at peace, cope with their anxiety and improve their relationships. I truly believe that we all have the capability to heal if we are given the right tools. But most importantly,

I believe in YOU.

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