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Cancellation Policy:

A fee of €50 will be charged 

when you miss or cancel an appointment without giving 24 hours advance notice.

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Fill your Life with

Happiness, Health, & Success!


Learn techniques to cope with stress and anxiety, overcome depression, acquire personal growth and empowerment, cope with life transitions and relationship struggles, and recover from burnout and exhaustion. But most importantly learn to  love yourself.

Take control of your life, turn your dreams into reality and create realistic and achievable goals. I will help you make positive changes to improve your self-esteem, your outlook and ultimately your life.

Take a break from your daily life. Embark on a trip to Ibiza and let me be your professional guide. Allow me to help you refill your energy. This custom tailored 1 on 1 Retreat will be adapted to your needs.

Treat yourself to the ultimate gift of self-care or give the gift of a lifetime to a loved one. Take advantage of one of the special offers and give yourself a well-deserved treat.

My Approach

I use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, an approach that is mainly active, goal oriented, and focuses on the present. My aim is to support, guide, and empower you, in a way that helps you create a positive and healthy lifestyle. Through listening and questioning we will discover your true feelings, thoughts, and the underlying causes of your problems, uneasiness, and suffering. I will help you set your goals, identify your starting point, and build an effective active plan. This will allow us to determine the right actions and strategies that work best for your personality and specific situation.

As a psychologist and psychotherapist I am bound by confidentiality. All information will be treated confidentially and will not be shared with others.

About me

I am a psychologist with a Masters Degree in Psychology and a license in Psychotherapy. This has enabled me to turn my passion into a profession. I pride myself on helping and supporting my clients to grow in many different areas of their lives. My passion and determination make it possible for me to maintain a positive attitude, through any situation.


"I have been seeing other therapists over the last few years, but none have had such a positive and effective impact on me like Nilufar. I learned to believe in myself and build a much happier relationship with my husband and our sons. She has inspired me to work effectively to get the best version of myself. Her authentic and easy going personality made me feel at ease during each session."

Elena, Wassenaar, Age 47